Dutch withholding tax

Duijn Tax Solutions is an expert in the field of Dutch withholding tax, the tax paid to the governement by the employer and not the employee. We are a reliable company and we warmly welcome you to come and meet us! Our staff has years of experience and our advisors have the habit of keeping a close eye to new developments in all taxations, like tax refunds, tax returns and Dutch withholding tax. Dutch withholding tax can sometimes be legitimately deducted, but then there are still possibilities to claim a refund. Duijn Tax will be more than happy to meet with you, look into the Dutch withholding tax issue and offer a solid and sound advice. Whether your firm is located in Netherlands or based abroad, our trusted advisors will use their expertise to ensure you do not pay too much tax. With our long experience regarding national tax, international tax and Dutch withholding tax, we can assure you will benefit if you choose Duijn Tax Solutions as your partner. 

Duijn Tax looking into your Dutch withholding tax 

As stated above, Duijn Tax offers you expert advise on other taxation matters as well. Besides Dutch withholding tax, we specialize in dividend tax and corporate tax, and can also advise you on customs levies, income tax, payroll tax or transfer taxation. Please let us know if you need help in the fields of tax refund, tax returns and VAT in Netherlands. Our team of advisors can also inform you about hybrid entities and hybrid financing. And, in case you are wondering about business abroad: Duijn Tax Solutions can inform you about international company takeovers or setting up a new company abroad. You can trust Duijn Tax to be a reliable partner, who will give you sound advice. Our experienced team will always aim to achieve the best solutions for all tax challenges that may occur.

Why Duijn Tax for Dutch withholding tax

At Duijn Tax we work together with our national and international network, which consists of reliable partners who specialize in all kinds of tax matters, such as Dutch withholding tax. We know our way in Dutch and international regulations and laws. Duijn Tax is known for its determination and perception. Please feel free to contact us and we will set up a no-obligatory meeting. That way we can get to know eachother and we can work out a satisfying taxation plan for your company. We look forward to hearing from you!

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