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Need Dutch royalty tax advice?

Looking for information or advice on Dutch royalty tax? A new tax law (withholding tax) will soon apply to interest and royalty payments made by Dutch companies. The Dutch royalty tax will change on 1 January 2021, so what does that mean for your company? The tax advisers at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions know exactly what is going to change and can find out in detail whether your company needs to withhold withholding tax on interest and/or royalty payments in order to avoid unnecessary payment of withholding tax. This year, the Dutch royalty tax does not apply yet, but in 2021, interest and royalty payments to low-tax countries will be taxed. Payments that are diverted on a non-business basis will also be taxed. The government states that the main purpose of the withholding tax is to ensure that the Netherlands is no longer used as a gateway for interest and royalty flows to low-tax countries and wants to prevent abuse situations. No exception is made for companies with a real presence in the Netherlands. Our tax partner Jimmy Cox explains exactly what this new law means in his blog elsewhere on this website. The tax professionals at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions will help you to find the best for your company and enter into a dialogue with the tax authorities.

Dutch Royalty tax: what is it?

What does Dutch royalty tax entail? Tax legislation can have a major impact on your company and on your profits. Tax legislation changes constantly, which is why we follow everything closely and stay up to date with the latest developments. For instance, the new Dutch royalty tax can make a big difference for your company. The expert tax professionals at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions will check whether your company has an artificial construction under which you will have to pay the withholding tax rate of 25%. We are going to help you determine whether your business is sufficiently authentic so that you do not have to pay this tax. You can trust our tax professionals, they know how to make use of the many possibilities that are available to save tax for your company, taking into account Dutch and international laws and regulations.

Clear communication about Dutch royalty tax

Why would you choose DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions? We are progressive, decisive and believe in a personal approach and clear communication. Regardless of whether your company is located in the Netherlands or abroad, you can receive our expert help on national and international taxes anywhere in the world. We have more than 10 years of experience in advising companies and entrepreneurs on tax laws and tax regulations, so you will not be faced with any surprises. Please contact us with all your questions about Dutch royalty tax. You can expect creative and proactive solutions from us. We always look for the tax solution that is the most lucrative for your company, where your wishes and budget are always key. If you contact us, we will respond within 24 hours and usually on the same day!

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