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Duijn Tax offers a high level of various taxation services. When we busy ourselves with what we do best, you can apply yourself to what you do best, running a company, and not worry about your tax affairs! Duijn’s Tax Solutions is very knowledgeable when it comes to tax refunds, tax returns and also, Dutch dividend withholding tax. In many cases Dutch dividend tax is withheld as standard. Sometimes wrongly dividend withholding tax or too much Dutch dividend tax is withheld though, and our advisors have proven over the years that it is possible to claim a refund of Dutch dividend withholding tax when the correct and justified deduction has been provided. As we get to know you and your business better, it is possible to reclaim dividend tax and get Dutch dividend withholding tax. Presently, the maximum Dutch dividend tax rate is 15%. Even when it has been legitimately deducted, our advisors will be happy to assess if you are entitled to a refund of Dutch dividend withholding tax. Of course, they can also offer you their service with reclaiming the Dutch dividend tax or help you with any questions you may have. 

Dutch dividend withholding tax at Duijn Tax

Besides assisting you with Dutch dividend withholding tax or reclaiming Dutch dividend tax, the advisors of Duijn Tax Solutions are well known for their national and international tax expertise on any taxation matter your company may encounter. As a business professional you can expect nothing less than the best from your tax advising firm and at Duijn Tax, we guarantee we always aim to achieve the best possible solution in any tax challenge one faces along the way. Furthermore, we provide expert advise in, for example, VAT in Netherlands, customs levies and income tax, besides our specialties: Dutch dividend tax and corporate tax. In case you are thinking about opening a firm abroad, we can surely advise you, as we are used to work closely together with trusted partners in several international networks. You can be assured we will be there for you every step of the way. If you already own multiple companies in various countries, we can assist you to meet the guidelines for transfer prices and transfer pricing. With our personal approach, clear communication and our extensive experience in all tax related issues, we hope to welcome you as our future client. Please give us a non-binding telephone call or send us an inquiry by email. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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DTS Duijn Tax Solutions is known for its vision, decisiveness and its belief in a personal approach. Our specialists communicate in a no-nonsense manner and they offer applicable advice for your tax returns. Your wishes and budget are key to us, and we think in terms of solutions. Our specialists are up-to-date on the latest developments and guidelines in Dutch and international laws and regulations, and you can expect creative and proactive solutions. And of course, quality is of paramount importance to us.

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