Sep 19, 2017

Reducing dutch tax penalties

Did the Dutch Tax Authorities fine you or your company? It is always wise to object in case of tax penalties. Continue reading and find out why. 

Are you or is your company fined by the Dutch Tax Authorities? Objecting the Dutch tax penalty – before the official objection deadline of six weeks after the date of the issuance of the fine – is always a good idea. Pending this objecting procedure, you can also request deferral of payment.

If the Dutch tax penalty is lowered to nil, you are probably entitled to a flat rate compensation for legal costs. But even rightly issued tax penalties are generally lowered after objection.

That is why we always recommend objecting. An eloquent and well-substantiated letter increases your chances of success. A tax inspector tends to take professional legal objections more seriously than laymen’s letters.

DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions offers help with objection and appeal procedures. We are practically always successful in lowering Dutch tax penalties. On top of that, we can advise you on improving your procedures and policies to avoid future tax penalties. 

A legal procedure is not necessarily a costly affair. In some cases, (part of) your legal costs are even compensated by the Tax Authorities. Feel free to get in touch with one of our specialists  (Joost) for more information.  

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