Dutch withholding tax refunds

Based on the country in which you are a tax resident you can request a:

  • Dutch withholding tax refund on your pension income/pension tax refund;
  • Dutch withholding tax refund on your levensloop income/life-time tax refund;
  • Dutch withholding tax refund on paid out annuities.

Dutch withholding tax on former employment income or pension income consists of two parts, social security premiums and Dutch income tax. Based on the respective tax treaty, social security treaty or residence in the EU, either social security premiums, Dutch tax or both can be refunded.

In order to be successful with filing the refund, the tax treaty needs to be analyzed taking your specific facts and circumstances into account. If you are indeed eligible for a refund, the paying agent would need to provide information in addition to having your home jurisdiction issue you a residency certificate. This residency certificate states that you are a tax resident in your home jurisdiction. In general it might also be possible that although Dutch tax is indeed due, Dutch social security premiums are not. This could allow for a refund as well.

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