VAT/Sales Tax in America

Just like the different taxes that you owe, so are American regulations concerning VAT divergent from European norms.  There is no such thing as VAT in the US, but sales tax does exist.  This a sales tax that a seller levies on consumers and businesses.  Thus, a totally different set of regulations exists than in the Netherlands or Europe.  Sales tax is a state tax and its amount differs per state.  In the US, the extent of the tax per state doesn’t just differ according to the percentage rate.  It also depends on whether the tax is levied on a particular product or not.  Since there is no VAT levied in America and the sales tax can vary from state to state, it is sensible to work with an experienced tax consultant.  You will be explained why VAT is not levied and how you can deal with sales tax.  At Duijn Tax you are at the right address for personal advice you can trust.
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VAT rate America

By doing business with companies from the US, you come into contact with the American VAT rate.  When importing goods/services from America, you must pay tax there.  Since the VAT rate per state is different, you are dependent on local rates.  As the regulations across the pond diverge from those in the Netherlands, specialist knowledge of international tax regulations can be of tremendous advantage to you.
At DTS, we work with various international tax consultants.  These people have years of experience both in the US and in the Netherlands.  Why not make use of our specialist knowledge?

Tax Advice for America

Are you, or are you thinking of, doing business in America?  Our tax consultants are specialized in international issues and have an international network at their disposal.  For tax advice in America, our consultants look for the most beneficial regulations.  If it is needed, the knowledge of American consultants will be sought out.  In this way, we at DTS offer you the most complete tax advice.  Duijn Tax is at your service.