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Hendrik van Duijn

Experience and education
In 2012 Hendrik started DTS as a tax adviser in Amsterdam. With over 10 years of experience Hendrik (1975) has a proven track record of delivering results when it comes to Dutch corporate income...


Henk van Duijn

Experience and education

Henk (1946) has extensive knowledge as an all round business advisor. Henk enjoyed an education in the field of Marketing (NIMA), quality care (NNI), Accounting (Bachelors Degree), taxation (Tax Accountant) and...


Joost de Leeuw

Joost graduated from Amsterdam Law School in 2011. In 2012 he received his master's degree in Public Law at the same university. In 2015 he completed his second master's degree in Tax Law. He has been working as a Tax Consultant with DTS since...


Jimmy Cox

Jimmy graduated from Nijmegen University law school in 2015. In 2016 he will complete his master's degree in Tax Law at the same university. He has been working for the DTS Client Team since April 2015. 


Dennis Bosch

Born in the village Epse in Gelderland. A few years ago I moved to Rotterdam.  

In 2011 I started the course Business Administration. Recently I received my degree.
I currently study for Assistant Manager in International...


Rocco IJsselmuiden

Rocco completed in 2013 his Bachelor’s degree in Law. In 2013 Rocco attended Hastings College of the Law te San Francisco (USA) for the spring semester. After earning his Bachelor’s degree Rocco started with a Master’s in Dutch Private...


Bob Castien

After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2013 at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Bob started his Master degree in Tax Law. He completes his Master degree in 2015.

Bob joined DTS in January 2015. As a...


Valerie Klein

In 2012, Valerie started her Bachelor’s degree in Tax Law at the University of Leiden. In May 2015 she will receive her Bachelor’s degree. Thereafter, she will embark upon her Master’s degree in Tax Law at the same University. 


Pieter-Bastiaan Bouwer

Pieter-Bastiaan received his bachelor’s Law degree in 2014 from the Free University in Amsterdam. In 2015 he will complete his master degree in Tax Law at the Free University.

From August 2014 till January 2015 Pieter-Bastiaan was...


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