Participation exemption Netherlands

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Are you familiar with the participation exemption Netherlands? Are you running an international company, located in Netherlands or elsewhere in the world and you need reliable tax advice? Duijn’s Tax Solutions is the firm to turn to. You see, in Netherlands, the participation exemption Netherlands is a certain tax regulation in the Corporate Tax Act, which stipulates that a legal entity, that has a participation in another company with regard to the result thereof, is exempt from profit tax. The participation exemption Netherlands prevents double taxation on group profits. Please note that, because the participation exemption Netherlands is part of the Corporate Tax Act, it does not apply to natural persons who are liable for income tax. As you understand, there are certain conditions to be met to be eligible for participation exemption Netherlands. Duijn’s Tax Solutions understands fully that this may sound very complicated to you, but our team of experts is ready to help you with the participation exemption Netherlands. After all, who wants to pay double taxation?!

Specialist Duijn’s Tax Solutions for participation exemption Netherlands

We can safely say, that over the past decades, Duijn’s Tax Solutions has developed into a specialist on national and international taxation for companies anywhere in the world. We are very comfortable in the national and international business climate, with expertise in corporate tax and income tax. On a daily basis, we deal with participation exemption Netherlands matters. We know how to see if you are eligible for the participation exemption Netherlands and also, if other tax benefits can be applied to you and your company. In order to stay fully informed about the latest developments in taxation and legislation in Netherlands and abroad, we are active members in several knowledge networks. Within the networks, the members share information constantly, so we are always up to date, not only regarding the latest developments in our field, but also in your enterprise.

Participation exemption Netherlands and more

All our clients can tell you that Duijn’s Tax Solutions is a determined firm, not only where participation exemption Netherlands is concerned, but always. We value a personal approach and make it a habit to follow the latest developments in our field, and in your business up close. They will also tell you that we have vision: long term strategies for your company and short term when the situation needs it. We will never present you any bad surprises, as we communicate in a clear way. We offer applicable advice and definitely operate conform to your budget and wishes. Besides for participation exemption Netherlands, you can also turn to us for advice and assistance for wages tax, income tax and payroll tax, and also for customs’ levies, transfer pricing and VAT in Netherlands, to just name a few.