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Many people have not heard about participation exemption Netherlands, however, it is a beneficiary tax rule when you are operating an international company that is located in the Netherlands. Duijn’s Tax Solutions is the reliable and experienced partner you need when we talk about participation exemption Netherlands. We will explain the participation exemption Netherlands: in short, participation exemption Netherlands is a certain tax regulation in the Corporate Tax Act, which stipulates that a legal entity, which has a participation in another company with regard to the result thereof, is exempt from profit tax. What the participation exemption Netherlands does is preventing double taxation on group profits. That must sound like music to your ears!

The participation exemption Netherlands does not apply to natural persons, who are liable for income tax. (Hence the name Corporate Tax Act.) Duijn’s Tax Solutions will guide you through all laws and stipulations you need to apply for participation exemption Netherlands. Sometimes taxation matters can get complex. Duijn’s Tax Solutions has shown its worth to multiple entrepreneurs, nationally and internationally.

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For a several decades now, Duijn’s Tax Solutions has proven to be the expert partner when it comes to participation exemption Netherlands. However, besides participation exemption Netherlands we offer many more services. It is safe to say we are the specialist on national and international taxation for businesses worldwide. Our core business is the national and international business climate, more specifically Dutch tax advice, international tax advice and transfer pricing. Duijn’s Tax Solutions searches the best tax route for your business. As fiscal law is constantly changing, we follow the latest developments in our field, but also for your business especially. In our opinion, that is the only way to give you expert advice.

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We participate in several professional networks actively, in order to stay fully informed. You see, within the networks, the latest changes regarding tax rules and legislation are shared on a constant basis. In Duijn’s Tax Solutions you see a firm, that loves number-crunching, as we usually say to each other. Henk van Duijn passed the genes onto son Hendrik-Jan, which resulted in a business, currently with a branch in Amsterdam and one in Arnhem. We are proud of our dynamic team of highly-educated specialised tax advisors.

We are also proud of our enjoyable collaboration with you, our clients. Hendrik-Jan van Duijn: “In the last few years, we have built up strong and long-lasting relationships based on personal contact and trust. Because of our personal service and expert knowledge in international tax advice, we have become a household name from students to CEOs.” Duijn’s Tax Solutions offers long term solutions, because we are convinced stop-gap solutions are of little value. Together with you, we wish your company to remain healthy and to continue to make a profit.

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