In 2015, Wefa started her studies in Law at Radboud University in Nijmegen and subsequently pursued a Master’s degree in Tax Law. She also delved into Transfer Pricing and completed various courses in this field.


In 2020, Wefa began her career as an intern at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. After her internship, she joined the company as a paralegal and was later promoted to Junior Tax Advisor. During this period, she also assisted with several incorporations at our partner company, Company NL


Currently, Wefa is an invaluable asset to our DTS team in Amsterdam – specializing in Transfer Pricing and focusing her work on the tax implications of protective levies and 30% scheme procedures. She thrives on tackling complex issues, always up for a challenge, and never backing down from testing her skills. Wefa has become an integral part of the team – contributing her expertise to ensure successful outcomes. She finds great satisfaction in her work and the results it yields.