Rob Zoontjes


In 2006 Rob completed his studies at Tilburg University. With a background in Fiscal Economics and Controlling, he started a specialization program that resulted in his accreditation by the NOB and extensive international training in the field of transfer pricing.


After studying Fiscal Economics and Controlling, Rob discovered the perfect overlap of both disciplines within PwC’s transfer pricing department. For more than ten years, he refined his expertise as a transfer pricing consultant. Rob then moved to an internal position as Transfer Pricing Director at the world’s largest producer of generic medicines. In this capacity, he oversaw numerous transfer pricing aspects for numerous entities in no less than 37 countries. In 2018, Rob founded his own consulting firm, with a focus on advising medium-sized and large multinational companies. He has been with DTS since the beginning of 2023.


After many years of experience as a transfer pricing planning consultant and in-house expert, Rob has in-depth knowledge of value chain transformations, supply chain planning, transfer pricing optimization, legal disputes, and compliance projects.
With his technical knowledge and practical experience, he excels in developing robust strategies and work plans for global enterprises. For example, he skillfully navigates the complexities of multinational compliance projects, ensuring that the complexities of the different countries involved are expertly managed throughout the process.