Lotte van Wessel


Lotte started the Dutch Law education at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2019 and obtained her propaedeutic degree in 2020. After her bachelor degree, she is planning to focus on the Master’s in Tax Law.


In 2021, Lotte started as an intern at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions(DTS). During her internship, she found her interest in the Sales Tax. After her internship at DTS, she started working as a Tax Intern at DTS Fiscal Representative with a focus on VAT-related matters.


During her studies, Lotte noticed that her passion leads to providing practical support in legal matters. Lotte can come up with different roads for the cases and give a various solutions for a projects she is working on. That represents her as an open-minded professional, without losing view of the big picture. These components can combined to successful work at DTS. With a no-nonsense mentality, result-oriented and practical attitude, Lotte can provide a great assistance on the client cases and provide the tax support on a various topics.