Jülide Tuncer


Jülide started studying Dutch Law at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2015. Because of her broad interest in both entrepreneurship and taxation, Jülide has followed a course of corporate law at the Van der Heijden Institute in addition to her law studies. She has also taken several management courses in addition to her curriculum.


Jülide specializes in internal reorganisations, accounting legislation and corporate law issues. In 2018 Jülide started as an intern at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. During her internship she found her way in both tax and corporate law practice within DTS. After her internship at DTS, she started working as a Paralegal and was subsequently promoted to Junior Tax Advisor.


During her studies, Jülide noticed that her interest was mainly in entrepreneurship and taxation. She has managed to combine these interests at DTS. For example, she has looked at various internal restructurings, has drawn up loan agreements and has supervised several 30% scheme applications.