Joe Franssen


Joe started his academic journey by enrolling in the MBO-Legal Administrative Assistant program in 2017. Building on this foundation, he pursued a degree in HBO-Finance, Tax, and Advice at the Hogeschool van Arnhem, commencing in 2019. In 2022, Joe completed the minor “Fiscal advisor of the future in combination with applied Business Analytics & Innovation” adding a cutting-edge dimension to his expertise. The finalization of his academic journey occurred in 2023, with the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in HBO-Finance, Tax, and Advice.


In January 2022, Joe initiated his professional career, aligning his passion for taxation with practical experience. Currently, Joe holds the position of Head of Personal Income Tax at DTS. He collaborates closely with senior professionals on Corporate Income Tax matters. Joe is committed to providing professional services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to their fiscal needs.


With a tenure of two years at DTS, Joe has actively contributed to the dynamic landscape of tax compliance. His responsibilities extend to providing invaluable support to seniors, demonstrating versatility in handling a spectrum of fiscal matters. His dedication to making tax compliance accessible and comprehensible underscores his commitment to the success of both DTS and its clients.