Jiri de Groot


Jiri began studying Law at the University of Amsterdam (AUAS) in 2019. He minored in “Legal Problems In A Digital Society” in 2021. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2023.


In February 2022, Jiri came in at DTS as an intern and his interest in the fiscal world has since been sparked. During his time at DTS, he is constantly broadening his understanding of tax law, so he can provide clear advice to the clients of DTS and efficient assistance to our seniors.


Jiri has been building his resume at DTS for over a year now and is committed to making tax compliance as understandable and accessible as possible. Jiri’s work is causally related to the diverse work of the seniors of DTS due to him providing assistance to them. This means that Jiri’s work varies from day to day and that he can assist our clients with matters across the entire fiscal spectrum.