Jimmy is a born entrepreneur. In 2011, he began studying Dutch Law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. He soon discovered that the field of taxation was the one for him. After completing his Bachelor in Dutch Law, he decided to pursue postgraduate studies in Fiscal Law. He was awarded a Master of Law in 2017, specializing in Tax Law. In the meantime, Jimmy has continued to broaden his knowledge, in order to be of even more service to the client. Jimmy is an aspiring member of the NOB.


Jimmy is not only a thinker but a doer. He consequently combined his studies with practical experience, working as a Junior Tax consultant with DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. After completing his studies in 2017, he moved to the Eindhoven area. In 2018, he decided to come back to us at Duijn’s Tax Solutions. In his current role as Tax Manager, Jimmy is once again strengthening the DTS team. Driven by his passion for entrepreneurship, he has, along with Hendrik-Jan, decided to open a new DTS branch in Eindhoven. Jimmy himself has responsibility for the running of this new office.


While he was studying, Jimmy learned what it means to be a good tax consultant: hard work, analytical thinking, and insight into complicated tax problems. His passion for taxation primarily focuses on the taxation side of entrepreneurship: Jimmy gives expert tax advice in the areas of international business, mergers and takeovers. On top of this, he specializes in cryptocurrencies. As well as advising Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs, Jimmy deals with private individual clients.