Junior Tax Advisor

This position is both national and international in character.  The international character is, among other things, due to virtually all of our activities being conducted in the English language with predominantly international organisations.  The national character concerns the substantive advice, which is subject to Dutch fiscal law in possible cross-border situations. This position is both commercial and professional in nature and has both a supporting and initiating function.  The tasks of this supporting role broadly consist of ensuring the implementation of professional activities necessary for the composition of fiscal advice and reports for our clients.  Furthermore, the position requires a solid, but also pragmatic professional knowledge.  Interpersonal qualities are a must.


  • Advising in the areas of corporate, dividend and income taxation;
  • Preparation and filing of corporate, dividend and income taxation declarations;
  • Identification of customs and payroll taxation, VAT, probate, insurance, and other tax issues;
  • Supporting companies in the area of fiscal structure (including set-up issues and withholding taxation);
  • Identification of, and responsibility for, the management of fiscal risks for companies and their activities;
  • Advice relevant to mergers and takeovers;
  • Identification, analysis and handling of company tax positions and annual accounts (tax accounting);
  • Identification of fiscal possibilities and risks from tax declarations;
  • Maintaining contact, and relationship, with the Tax Authorities and external advisers;
  • Management of personal portfolio and acquisition of new clients;
  • Attending network meetings and willingness to travel abroad;
  • Identification of developments in sectors or areas relevant to the client;
  • Drawing up quotes and responsibility for billing.

Personal attributes

We are looking for a passionate tax expert, who is representative of, and exceptionally involved in our business.  As well as this, a flexible, competent and service-providing disposition is required. A strong feel for customer-focus is associated with the position, since, for us, the client is always to the forefront. The successful candidate will be capable of identifying with client and colleague issues and be solutions-focused in his/her dealings with them.  He/she will have extensive personal development and be socially-involved; he/she will be on the look-out for new challenges and seek to continue evolving, both professionally and personally, through further training and education. The successful candidate will have a critical – albeit nuanced – attitude towards his/her area of expertise, be open to, and capable of, acting on, constructive criticism.  We see being able to understand while listening as a desired attribute. He or she will be able to set clear goals and see the distinction between key issues and matters of lesser importance.  A flexible work ethic, along with the ability to adjust to new circumstances that come with changes in approach, is important in an increasingly-evolving organisation.

Knowledge and Experience

  • 1-3 years’ work experience in fiscal practice;
  • Outstanding mastery of the Dutch and English language (written and spoken);
  • A period spent working abroad is a pre;
  • Knowledge and experience of Dutch legislation and regulations, and jurisprudence based on this;
  • A strong analytical capability.

Education and training

Continuous education and development is an integral part of this position.  Apart from the compulsory specialist education required, continuous personal development is also an important component of this function.   Education and training will be determined on the basis of personal evaluations and reviews.


This position is one of growth.  It is intended that the successful candidate will continue to develop, both in knowledge and on a personal level, in the context of increasing responsibilities and with a view to a greater leadership role in the future.

Salary and further work conditions

You are entitled a market-based reimbursement, comparable with a BIG-4 salary, depending on experience and hours worked.  We will provide you with a mobile phone with a subscription and a laptop for this position.  A limited degree of working from home is also open for discussion.