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Dutch withholding tax can be complicated in the Netherlands, as there are multiple forms of Dutch withholding tax. But what is Dutch withholding tax? Dutch withholding tax means that taxation is levied at the source. The Netherlands does not tax interest or royalties. The main types of Dutch withholding tax are:

Duijn’s Tax Solutions is an established, reliable firm. Over the years, we have built up extensive experience and knowledge solving complex issues. Our specialist area is the national and international business climate, where we focus on corporate tax and dividend tax. This entails that we specialize on the subject of Dutch withholding tax. Dutch withholding tax is usually deducted legitimately, however, there are more often than not possibilities to claim a refund. In three offices in three major cities in the Netherlands, we are up and ready to assist you or your accountant with the complicated matter of Dutch withholding tax.

Up to date on Dutch withholding tax

In order to stay fully up to date on Dutch withholding tax, the advisors of Duijn’s Tax Solutions are active members of national and international knowledge networks. By being connected to these networks, we are always fully informed about the latest changes and developments on taxation and also, legislation. We follow the latest developments in our field, and in your line or work up close. This goes for Dutch tax matters and for tax matters anywhere in the world. Besides Dutch withholding tax, we offer many more services. You can ask for our assistance and advice on VAT in the Netherlands, tax refund, tax returns, income tax and customs levies. Our expert team can advise you on hybrid entities and hybrid financing as well.

Practical advice on Dutch withholding tax

As soon as you get to know us, you’ll realize Duijn’s Tax Solutions is a practical firm. We are determined, communicate in a transparent way and we offer applicable advice each time. Every team member is solution-focused. This means that we think in solutions: short-term solutions when the situation calls for it and long-term solutions for strategies in the future. Needless to say but we’d still like to point out that, at all times, we work conform your budget and wishes or requirements. We work fast: questions regarding Dutch withholding tax or other subjects are dealt with within 24 hours, but we usually get back to you the same day.

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