Dutch VAT number

If you run a foreign company with a Dutch branch or if you run a business in the Netherlands, you may have to pay VAT (turnover tax). This also applies to firms established abroad but is doing business in the Netherlands. In all cases, you need a Dutch VAT number, which is also called the VAT identification number.

Apply for a Netherlands VAT Number

To set up a company or business in the Netherlands, you must have it registered with the Dutch Business Register of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK). If you register with all the relevant documentation and information for the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, the KVK will immediately issue your Netherlands VAT number. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration will then confirm your Netherlands VAT Number in writing.

If you have registered without providing all relevant information, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration will first evaluate if you are an entrepreneur for VAT purposes. Once assessed, they will then send you your Holland VAT number within five working days.

Furthermore, if your firm is established outside the Netherlands, but supplies goods to Dutch-based businesses or provides services in the Netherlands, you need to register directly with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration to receive your VAT number. This number consists of 14 characters and it is mandatory that your invoices display your VAT number clearly. Are you involved with Dutch VAT? Get personalized assistance from our experts.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on a Dutch VAT number or for our assistance in applying for one.

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