Dutch tax

Need Dutch tax advice?

Need advice on Dutch tax? Do you have an internationally operating business in the Netherlands or abroad? Are you looking for a tax adviser who can help you get your affairs in order from a tax point of view? Then you have come to the right place at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions. We know all about the Dutch tax legislation and are aware of the latest developments. Our tax advisers will be happy to help you or your accountant with your tax matters. Tax legislation can have a major impact on your company and your profits. Regardless of whether your company is located in the Netherlands or abroad, you can receive our expert help on national and international taxes anywhere in the world. Because we are connected to several international networks, we can help you with your tax issues anywhere in the world. We have more than 10 years of experience in advising companies and entrepreneurs on Dutch tax laws and tax regulations, so you will not be faced with any surprises. The tax professionals at DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions are experts in national and international business!

Dutch tax advice for dividend withholding tax and corporate income tax

We are your Dutch tax advisers. Our advisers are specialists in the field of dividend tax and corporate income tax. We will be happy to help you and ensure that you comply with tax laws and regulations and benefit optimally from possible allowances and tax facilities. We have a great deal of experience in solving complex issues and are experts in the field of international business. We also have knowledge of VAT, customs duties, wage tax, income tax, transfer tax, hybrid financing, hybrid entities and other financial and fiscal themes. We are fully aware of Dutch tax legislation and you can expect creative and proactive solutions from us. Our dedicated advisers will help you identify both opportunities and pitfalls.

Committed Dutch tax advisers

Why would you choose Van Duijn’s Tax Solutions? We are progressive, decisive and we believe in a personal approach. We are involved in the developments in our field and in your business. We communicate clearly and offer applicable advice for your Dutch tax returns. Your wishes and budget are key and we think in terms of solutions. You can rely on our tax professionals, they know how to make use of the many possibilities that are available to save tax for your company, taking into account Dutch and international laws and regulations. If you contact us, we will respond within 24 hours and usually on the same day!