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Dutch tax ruling not complicated with Duijn’s Tax Solutions

Are you facing difficulty with Dutch tax ruling? When you live in Netherlands and you have a transnational income, you may be eligible for Dutch tax ruling. In other words, the famous 30% tax facility. Let Duijn’s Tax Solutions help you to apply the Dutch tax ruling to prevent you from paying income tax on the same income in several countries. With our assistance you receive a deduction for the prevention of double taxation in Netherlands. If you do not live here in Netherlands, other rules than Dutch tax ruling apply, which we are happy to inform you about. Depending on your personal situation, you or your employees may be entitled to the full amount of the tax credit, part of the amount or no tax credit at all. Dutch tax ruling is, in fact, nothing else than a tax break, available for employees. When you run an international business in Netherlands or abroad, in some cases you as owner may also be eligible for the Dutch tax ruling. You are more than welcome to reach to us or visit us in one of our three offices in Netherlands to sort this all out. We help you get your affairs in order and help you save on by applying the Dutch tax ruling. We do point out, that the Dutch tax ruling is a joint request of employer and employee. Also, Dutch tax ruling is not a refund, because the employer applies is to the salary of his employee.  

Dutch tax ruling and more

Duijn’s Tax Solutions is an experienced firm, with great knowledge regarding tax matters and legislation. Our tax advisors will be only too glad to help you or your accountant, and it does not matter where your company is located. We give advice anywhere in the world on national and international taxation. We have specialised in corporate tax and dividend tax and we feel comfortable in the national and international business climate. Our mission? Hendrik-Jan van Duijn is clear on that: “Tax law is constantly changing. We have a lot of experience with complex tax issues and believe it is important to surprise our customers with resourceful solutions. We do not limit ourselves to short term solutions, because that will not get you any further. You want your company to remain healthy and profitable, even if the legislation changes.” So, we offer you more than just advice about Dutch tax ruling, such as VAT returns, hybrid financing and hybrid entities, wages taxes, customs’ levies, transfer taxes and transfer pricing.

About Duijn’s Tax Solutions

You will soon realise our company works fast, with a clear-cut vision of the task ahead. We always communicate clearly with you and we highly regard a personal approach. We stay fully informed all the time, by participating in several international and national networks. The professionals in those networks exchange the latest developments on Dutch tax ruling and other matters constantly. Do not hesitate to reach out to us by phone or through e-mail. We usually answer you within 24 hours, but most of the time the same day. We look forward to meet you!

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