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Is it that time of filing your Dutch tax return again? Dutch tax return is a recurring task that is also complicated, and time-consuming. Let Duijn’s Tax Solutions, as a specialised firm, handles this tax matter for you. We have decades of experience and have all knowledge, to file a nice and clean Dutch tax return for you, of which your company will certainly benefit. We feel very much at home in the national and international business climate and for us, it does not matter where your company is located. Our team has specialised in corporate tax and dividend tax, so your Dutch tax return is in good hands. We value a personal approach and to make it easier for you to visit our firm, we have established branches in three major cities, namely Arnhem, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Naturally, we also offer secure online meetings.

Dutch tax return required

As in any country, in Netherlands you are required to deal with Dutch tax return. Needless to say, we help you pay as less tax as possible, within the frame of rules and regulations. The Dutch tax authorities notify you about the Dutch tax return by sending you an invitation to file a it. You may also receive a C-form. If you have lived abroad the whole year, but you received a Dutch income, the C-form is relevant to you. For example for capital income, annuity, pension, or maintenance. You also need to file if you own a second home in Netherlands. The tax authorities also notify you if you have received income from Netherlands over which you have paid an insufficient amount of tax or no tax at all. Duijn’s Tax Solutions knows how to handle all of the above. As our CEO, Hendrik-Jan van Duijn, says: “As an entrepreneur, you want your affairs to be in order. You need to be able to trust your financial adviser at all times. Naturally, you expect them to come up with creative and proactive solutions. This is also obvious to us at Duijn’s Tax Solutions. We are experts in Dutch taxation legislation and stay abreast of developments in the field. I am proud to state, that all team members have extensive experience solving complex issues By taking advantage of our expertise and insight, you will not be in for any nasty surprises.” At Duijn’s Tax Solutions we therefore offer more than just the service of the Dutch tax return. Think of:

All our clients will tell you that we work in a determined way, always finding solutions where there seems to be no solutions at all. We have a vision on long-term strategies, but we are not afraid to make short-term decisions. We are inspired to do our work in a practical way, where we have a high regard for a personal approach. Not only do we keep fully informed on the most recent changes and developments in our own field, but also in your field. We do this, for example, to be an active member in several knowledge-networks. Within those national and international networks, information is shared continuously. Another strong point is that we work conform to your instructions and budget at all times. We communicate clearly, so unwanted surprises will not occur. We work fast! We answer all your questions within 24 hours, but usually the same day.

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