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Is it that time of year again when you have to file for your Dutch tax refund? Everybody knows it is important to file your Dutch tax refund, but is can be a complicated matter and not only that, it will absorb a lot of your or your accountant’s time. Worry no longer and get expert assistance on your Dutch tax refund from the advisors at Duijn’s Tax Solutions. We are located in three major cities and the doors in our offices are always open for you to come in and ask for help. We are an experienced firm, used to solving complex issues, especially for entrepreneurs who own an internationally-operating company in the Netherlands or elsewhere. Over the years we have specialized in dividend tax and corporate tax in the national and international business climate. The Tax and Customs Administration in the Netherlands will notify you in the form of a provisional assessment. But then it is time to review this assessment meticulously and see whether or not you are eligible for a refund or more refund than stated. The reliable advisors of Duijn’s Tax Solutions, or DTS in short, are happy to help you with your Dutch tax refund. The filing will be done professionally and you can use the time you don’t spend on it, spend on other company daily matters. As we usually state: “We will do our very best to obtain the best Dutch tax refund possible for you, so you can invest this again in your company.” Does this sound as music to your ears? Contact us today and we’ll set up a non-obligatory meeting.

Dutch tax refund and other services

Our advisors can serve you with more than issues regarding Dutch tax refund or tax matters. You can think of:

Once you start dealing with Duijn’s Tax Solutions, you see that we operate in a practical way at all times. We are determined to give you the best Dutch tax refund and we communicate clearly about it. Our advice is applicable always. Company key point is to have personal contact, so we get to know your preferences well. Please note we work conform your budget all the time. We have a habit of working fast. When you reach out to us with a question or you have a pressing matter, we give you an answer within 24 hours, but most of the time we get back to you the same day. We are a solution focused firm, and we suggest a short term solution when the situation benefits from that the most. However, we never lose sight of long term strategies for your business.

Fully informed on Dutch tax refund

You may wonder how we stay fully informed on all tax matters and legislation without fail? The answer is easier than you think: we are connected to several international networks, in which knowledge and new information about changes and developments is shared constantly. At Duijn’s Tax Solution you are in trusted hands.

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