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Do you need assistance with your Dutch tax declaration? Is it that time of year again, when the Dutch tax declaration needs to be filed? Do not let your accountant spend too much time on the Dutch tax declaration, and then in the end you are not happy with the outcome anyway. Duijn’s Tax Solutions will be happy to do the job for you! As Hendrik-Jan van Duijn states: “Fiscal law is constantly changing. We have extensive experience with complex issues and think that it is important to surprise our clients with inventive solutions. In so doing, we do not limit ourselves to stop-gap solutions, because we believe that these are of little value to you in the long term. Naturally, you wish to see your company remaining healthy and continuing to make a profit, even after changes in tax legislation.” Furthermore, he reassures you: “Our specialist area is the international and also the national business climate. We have specialised in dividend tax and corporate tax and an important part of our work is Dutch tax declaration. Our team members will be happy to help you or your accountant, whether your company is established in Netherlands or elsewhere. Get expert advice anywhere in the world on national and international taxation.” You can find Duijn’s Tax Solutions in three major cities, spread out in Netherland. We are easy accessible. Of course, we can also offer you secure online meetings, when traveling is not possible.

Duijn’s Tax Solutions for complex Dutch tax declaration

We are well aware that the Dutch tax declaration can be a complex matter. Good news! Duijn’s Tax Solutions has extensive experience solving complex issues. Our team members are all highly qualified and have years of experience. We are connected to multiple international and national networks, which means that we are up-to-date all the time. You see, within the networks information about the latest changes in legislation and taxation is shared immediately. And if a Dutch tax declaration is too complicated, we can turn to the networks for professional, instant help.

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Duijn’s Tax Solutions is here to help you, so you can focus on your company and we take care of your taxation matters. We are determined and solution-focused. We focus on short term solutions, although we never lose track of your company’s long term strategies. Together, we reach your goals! Duijn’s Tax Solutions always offers applicable advice. We communicate in a clear way, so you will not encounter any unwanted surprises. We work fast and always reply as soon as possible. At Duijn’s Tax Solutions that means, usually the same day but always within 24 hours.

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