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Do you need expert advice on Dutch participation exemption? Are you looking for assistance with Dutch participation tax exemption? You are more than welcome at Duijn’s Tax Solutions! We are an experienced and reliable firm and have bene dealing with all kinds of tax and legislation matters for years. We have specialised in corporate tax and dividend tax, especially Dutch participation exemption. Duijn’s Tax Solutions is a solution-focused firm. We go for short term solutions but also focus on future strategies. We ensure you that we work conform your wishes and budget. Our team of specialists is spread out over three offices in Netherlands, so you are always close to one. Of course, in this day and age, secured digital meetings are also possible. Let us know how we can assist you with Dutch participation exemption, as it can be a complicated matter for someone who is not familiar with it. Before, companies that converted their company to the Netherlands were subjected to Dutch tax legislation regulations, which meant that according to the Dutch regulations, income tax was taxed at 20 to 25%. What you also need to know is that a Dutch-based company owed tax on worldwide profits for the entire organization. The worldwide profit included company income, dividend income and interests. When Dutch participation exemption was introduced, the income from abroad will no longer be subjected to taxes. Dutch participation exemption states that by participating in another business, an entity is exempt from income taxes, based on the results of the other company. 

Dutch participation exemption and more

We would like to point out that before Dutch participation exemption is granted, the company has to meet a few requirements. Of course, Duijn’s Tax Solutions knows the requirements or will help you acquire them. Dutch participation exemption is very interesting for you as entrepreneur, because double levies will be avoided and internationally operating companies can become more competitive. They are ready to face to international competition. Besides with Dutch participation exeption, Duijn’s Tax Solutions advises you on more tax issues your company encounters on a daily basis. We mention VAT in Netherlands and abroad, payroll taxation and transfer taxation, as well as all other types of taxation and fiscal affairs, like income tax, hybrid financing, hybrid entities and customs’ levies. In order to stay fully informed on the latest developments regarding tax and legislation in Netherlands and abroad, we make it a habit to be members of multiple, active networks. We exchange information on a daily basis with our valuable connections within the networks. 

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Are you struggling with the Dutch participation exemption, but you do see the benefits? Contact us today and we always get back to you with an answer within 24 hours, most of the time the same day! We assist you, so subsidiary companies of a Dutch-based parent company can compete fiscally on equal terms with local companies in foreign markets. Duijn’s Tax Solutions is a practical company, we communicate in a clear way and we offer applicable advice. There are no annoying surprises anywhere.