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If you are looking for a specialist, who can take care of the Dutch participation exemption or who can see if you are eligible for the Dutch participation exemption, then Duijn’s Tax Solutions is the right partner. For decades our firm has been taking care of taxation and legislation matters for various companies. We feel right at home in the national and international business climate. We have specialised in corporate tax and dividend tax, and we know all about Dutch participation exemption. The Dutch participation exemption is an explicit tax regulation in the Corporate Tax Act, which stipulates that a legal entity, which has a participation in another company with regard to the result thereof, is exempt from profit tax. This is an interesting regulation, as the Dutch participation exemption prevents double taxation on group profits. Be aware though, because the Dutch participation exemption is part of the Corporate Tax Act, it does not apply to natural persons who are liable for income tax. The experts at Duijn’s Tax Solutions can inform you about the conditions to be met, in order for you to be eligible for Dutch participation exemption. Do not pay more tax than you are required and let us handle it for you.

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Once you get to know our firm, you will find that Duijn’s Tax Solutions is a determined firm, finding solutions where there seems to be none. We certainly keep our focus on long-term strategies, when presenting you our solutions for particular tax issues. Of course, we offer short-term solutions when necessary. All our team members communicate clearly, so no unwanted surprises will occur. We highly value a personal approach and follow the latest developments in your field up close. You receive applicable advice, conform to your budget and wishes at all times. As you would expect, Duijn’s Tax Solutions offers more services than the matter of Dutch participation exemption, like:

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Duijn’s Tax Solutions has branches in three major cities in Netherlands (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Arnhem), where you can visit us. In this day and age, we also can be reached online. We are very keen on staying up to date with the latest developments or changes. We stay up to date by participating actively in several national and international networks, where knowledge and the latest information is shared on a constant basis. Need more information? Please do not hesitate to give us a call. We answer all questions within 24 hours, but usually the same day.

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