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Do you need advice on Dutch dividend withholding tax? Are you struggling with Dutch dividend withholding tax for the upcoming tax return paperwork? Duijn’s Tax Solutions offers you assistance and advice on a professional, reliable level! We have years of experience and all the expertise there is to deal with Dutch dividend withholding tax for numerous companies, so undoubtedly we can help you with a reclaim as well. Over the years we have specialised in corporate tax and dividend tax, focussing on Dutch dividend withholding tax. There is a world to win in that field, as we have proven time and time again. Dutch dividend tax is withheld as standard, but in many cases, too much Dutch dividend withholding tax is withheld wrongly. Duijn’s Tax Solutions has successfully claimed a refund often, by serving a correct and justified deduction motivation. At this time, the maximum Dutch dividend tax rate is 15%. Even when it has been legitimately deducted, our advisors will be happy to assess if you are entitled to a refund of Dutch dividend withholding tax. Do you have any questions or worries regarding Dutch dividend withholding tax? Don’t hesitate and reach out to us today! We usually respond within 24 hours, but most of the time the same day!

Dutch dividend withholding tax and more

As you would expect, our team of specialists can offer assistance on much more than Dutch dividend withholding tax. We provide expert advise in, for example, VAT in Netherlands and abroad, payroll taxation and transfer taxation, as well as all other types of taxation and fiscal affairs, like income tax, hybrid financing, hybrid entities and customs’ levies. You will find Duijn’s Tax Solutions to be a practical firm, looking for short term solutions but not loosing sight on long term strategies. We have vision, are decisive and we strongly believe in a personal approach. We communicate clearly, avoiding surprises. Naturally, we only work according to your wishes and budget. We are operating from three offices, which are spread out through Netherlands, so there is always easy access for you. And, in this day and age, we can serve you when you are established abroad, through secured digital meetings. 

Network participation for Dutch dividend withholding tax

To stay fully informed and up to date with the latest changes and developments on Dutch dividend withholding tax, we actively participate in various networks. For other matters, we also are active members in international networks. We can safely that that we are experts in the field of the national and international business climate.

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