Dutch dividend withholding tax returns

Our Dutch tax regulatory services consist of providing tax consulting and preparation of Dutch dividend withholding tax return and other reports and filings. Preparing and compiling Dutch dividend withholding tax returns and being able to comply with relevant Dutch tax laws and Dutch tax regulations requires knowledge of the applicable Dutch tax laws, Dutch tax regulations as well as accounting skills.

DTS is specialized in preparing  Dutch dividend withholding tax returns. The compilation of a Dutch corporate income tax return needs to be prepared conscientiously, thoroughly with specific knowledge regarding Dutch tax legislation. As Dutch tax advisors we would be happy to assist you with filing your Dutch corporate income tax return.

Dutch dividend withholding tax is levied from the person receiving the proceeds from shares and amongst others profitparticipating rigths of Dutch companies. The Dutch dividend withholding tax rate is 15%. We can assist with preparing and filing the Dutch dividend withholding tax forms.

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