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Are you operating an international company in the Netherlands and you need assistance with Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption? It is no surprise you turn to a specialized firm for Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption, as tax matters in a foreign country can be quite complex. Duijn’s Tax Solutions offers the assistance you need, and more. We have built up knowledge and experience over the years, so we dare to state that we have extensive experience solving complex issues. We have specialized in corporate tax and dividend tax in the national and international business climate., especially Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption. After all, this is a subject our clients can benefit from. As is standard procedure in the Netherlands, dividend tax is always withheld. However, it occurs many times that the dividend tax has been withheld wrongly or that the amount of withheld tax is too high. Duijn’s Tax Solutions’ experts are trained to find options in most cases where Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption has gone wrong. The experts continue to put together a solid claim regarding the Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption. At present, the dividend tax rate is 15%, so it is wise to have Duijn’s Tax Solutions take a good look at what the possibilities for you are in regards to Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption. Our experts on dividend tax are more than happy to assess, if you are entitled to a refund or Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption.

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Duijn’s Tax Solutions, also named DTS for short, has three branches spread out in the Netherlands. In the offices we offer more services than just Dutch dividend withholding tax exemption. We also take care of:

As we are an international operating firm, you can turn to us for national and international tax matters. We gladly offer assistance on hybrid entities and hybrid financing. In order to stay on top of taxation matters and also legislation, we are connected to multiple international networks. Within the networks, information about changes and developments in the tax world is exchanged constantly. Also, because we operate internationally, you can use our knowledge and assistance regarding tax issues anywhere in the world. We ourselves follow the latest developments in our field as well, and of course in your line of work closely. Once you get to know us, you’ll soon realize that Duijn’s Tax Solutions is a practical firm, communicating in a clear way and offering applicable advice every time. One of our strong points is to think in solutions, conform to your wishes and budget. We focus on short term solutions, but we consistently keep an eye out for long term strategies for your company. We work fast, act quickly and decisively. When you reach out to us, we usually respond within 24 hours, but most of the time the same day.

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