Do you need advice on the DAC6 directive? Since July 1st, 2021, a mandatory reporting of cross-border transactions with potentially aggressive international tax arrangements in Netherlands has gone into effect by order of the Council of the European Union in 2018. At DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions we have found there are a lot of questions in the corporate world about this mandatory reporting to the tax authorities. To see if there really is a potential aggressive tax transaction and you are obliged to make a reporting, we have been working on a road map. By analysing over 50 DAC6 issues, we feel confident to state DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions offers you a road map with the best help and gives you the best advice. The DAC6 regulation requires intermediaries to report potentially aggressive international tax arrangements to the tax authorities. We understand fully this is not something you deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, we suggest you to sit down with one of our experts, who will act as an intermediary to report according to the DAC6 directive or regulation. All this done so no cross-border transactions can be used to evade tax to the tax authorities.

DAC6 reporting

Once you sit down with one of our DAC6 specialists, he or she will explain everything into detail. First the cross-border construction has to meet certain hallmarks in order to be reported. In some cases only if the main benefit test has been passed, the obligation applies. The mandatory disclosure rules apply to all types of tax. Taxes like VAT, customs duties, excise duties, fees and social insurance contributions are excepted. Please note that fines will be high in the case of non-compliance. An intermediary has the primarily obligation to report. An intermediary is a person who devises, offers, sets up, makes available for implementation or manages its implementation. You can think of an intermediary being a tax advisor, a lawyer, an accountant, a notary, financial advisers, banks or trust firms. 

Expert advice on DAC6

As we stated before, DAC6 can be a complicated matter. For expert advice, please do not hesitate to give us a call or reach out to us by e-mail, so DTS Duijn’s Tax Solutions can help you solve this issue. Needless to say, our office is also on stand by when it comes to all other matters of taxation and legislation in Netherlands and also abroad. 

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