eHerkenning: Its uses for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

In an increasingly digital world, it’s no surprise that business operations are becoming more and more reliant on secure and efficient online processes. For entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, one essential tool for conducting digital business is eHerkenning. This digital identification and authentication system allows businesses to interact with government agencies and other organizations securely and conveniently. In this blog, we’ll explore the uses and benefits of eHerkenning for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

What is eHerkenning?

eHerkenning is a digital identification and authentication system in the Netherlands. It is designed to facilitate secure electronic communication between businesses and various government agencies and organizations. This system allows entrepreneurs to access and submit information, applications, and documents online, without the need for physical paperwork or in-person visits (f.e. for Chamber of Commerce Registration or registering a bank account with the Tax Authorities for a tax refund)

Challenges for Directors Obtaining eHerkenning

While eHerkenning provides numerous benefits, (overseas) directors of companies based in the Netherlands who do not speak Dutch, may encounter specific challenges during the personal identification process. eHerkenning providers may require in-person verification as part of their identity verification process. Overseas directors may find it challenging to physically visit a verification centre in the Netherlands, especially if they live in a different country. This can lead to delays and difficulties in obtaining eHerkenning. Additionally, the process may involve presenting specific documents like passports or identity cards, which might need to be validated at an embassy or consulate.

Another problem which non-Dutch speaking directors may encounter is the fact that the new business portal of the Tax Authorities (Mijn Belastingdienst Zakelijk) used for managing all sorts of tax matters, is exclusively available in Dutch. This makes registering a bank account number for tax refunds (f.e.) even more challenging.

Simplifying the Process for Entrepreneurs

Luckily, there is a way to ‘solve’ these problems and help make the process a little easier for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you can provide DTS with a so-called ‘chain authorization’, which empowers us to use our own eHerkenning to log in on behalf of your company. Choosing this route eliminates the trouble of having to do a personal identification and also allows entrepreneurs to hand over the reigns to us in instances where we need to solve tax matters in the Dutch business portal.

Do you need help applying for eHerkenning or do you need assistance with tax matters in the Tax Authorities’ business portal? Please feel free to contact us or our Junior Tax Advisor Jiri de Groot at

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