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Doing business in the Netherlands

Setting up a Dutch company does not have to be a complicated procedure. Duijn’s Tax Solutions is specialized in making sure that the process of establishing a Dutch business runs smoothly and quickly. If you are planning to incorporate your own Dutch business, you may not have the faintest idea of where to start. In the attached PDF file you will find out how to set up a Dutch company completely remotely – meaning you will not have to travel to the Netherlands at any point.

There are various reasons you should consider incorporating a Dutch company. The Netherlands enjoys a strategic location, great infrastructure, a highly-skilled workforce, a stable economy, trustworthy capital markets, and additional perks such as efficient repatriation of profits. If you know the right people, who know how to open a Dutch company, the process will be easy and is done fast (ca. 7-10 days).  We recommend our clients to take advantage of the fact that Dutch company formation can be done completely remotely – this aspect is further discussed in the attached PDF file. The requirements for incorporating a Dutch company are easily attainable – and does not include nationality, country of residence, or company sector/industry.

All companies in the Netherlands must have a Dutch address including a signed rental contract. We assist our clients in arranging virtual offices in Amsterdam – This way, your Dutch company will be registered in Amsterdam.  The attached PDF file will indicate how setting up a Dutch company can be beneficial for you. You will also find out that there are several legal forms of doing business in the Netherlands and the most important differences between an NV and a BV will be given. You will also find out why we recommend our clients to set-up a BV in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, we take you through the process and explain the conditions in order to set-up a Dutch company. If you are considering establishing a Dutch BV, you might also be thinking about other things your company would need after it is registered. For example, many of our clients have expressed an interest in setting up a Dutch bank account. In the attached PDF file it will be discussed how we can assist you with this. Similarly, we can assist your company with VAT-registrations, wage tax numbers, tax compliance, and financial statements. The file will also give an explanation about the corporate income tax, dividend tax, sales tax, and the related tax advantages.  

Whether you are expanding an already existing business by opening a company in the Netherlands or starting up a company from scratch, we will be able to provide assistance and guidance throughout the entire process.

Please click this link and learn how to set-up a Dutch BV today.

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