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The Netherlands love their expats. The Dutch ones abroad, but even more so the foreign ones over here. To attract highly-skilled and well-paid professionals, the Dutch Tax Authorities grant them the so-called 30% ruling. The 30% ruling seems as simple as it is attractive: 30% of your salary will not be taxed.

I can’t possibly say it is not attractive. Getting and keeping it, however, may be tricky. We have seen applications been turned down for lack of evidence; we have met expat paying thousands of euros too much tax for lack of trying.

Of course, there are conditions: you have to make more than EUR 36.889 (gross) annually (2016); you have to have lived more than 150 kilometers (93 miles) from the Dutch border for at least two-thirds of the 24 months before starting your job in The Netherlands; and if you are a football player, you have to be a pretty good one.

Just to give you an idea: at a EUR 100.000 income, the Netherlands 30 ruling saves the expat 8 * 15.000 = EUR 120.000. That is worth a try, isn’t it? Moreover, that is worth letting an experienced professional file the application.
Had I already mentioned that your bonus is included in this ruling? That you can transfer your 30% ruling to another employer, even if that employer is your own company? And that you do not have to report your capital to the Dutch Tax Authorities?

So: are you a foreigner working in The Netherlands, making more than EUR 36.889, and don’t you have the 30 ruling? Get in touch. Are you a foreigner considering working in The Netherlands? Get in touch. Are you an independent entrepreneur thinking of moving to The Netherlands? Get in touch.

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