The BEPS Action 7 Series

In the upcoming blog series BEPS Action 7 we will discuss the current situation for doing business in the Netherlands through a so-called permanent establishment (PE) in the light of BEPS Action 7. BEPS? Action 7 what? Should I care? Well… yes, because it means that some things are going to change for your business. Definitely read the upcoming blogs if you want to know what these changes can be.

But first what is BEPS? Put very simply, it’s a plan to prevent international tax avoidance. Now what is Action 7? BEPS Action 7 is preventing the Artificial Avoidance of PE Status. Let’s say you’re doing operations abroad then the threshold under which you are obliged to pay taxes is lowered. This means you will need to take care of tax compliance sooner. So Action 7 would result in lowering the quantity and quality of your activities abroad in order to keep avoiding a PE status.

The three blogs will provide you with in-depth information about the changes, recommended by the OECD in BEPS Action 7, and what the consequences are for PEs from the Netherlands’ point of view. The three blogs provide answers for your main question at the moment: what do these PE-changes mean for doing business in or from the Netherlands?

In this blog series you will find useful examples and cases so that you get a better understanding of what the future holds for doing business in or from the Netherlands through a PE.

So stay tuned for our weekly blogs and the complete article that has already been presented at the Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam and incorporated in the lecture literature to indicate the PE status under Dutch law. Hence, a definite must read!

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