Dutch hybrid structures

The use of hybrid structures typically involves using a hybrid entity or a hybrid financing arrangement. DTS has experience in setting-up various structures utilizing the benefits of both hybrid entities or hybrid financing arrangements.

Dutch hybrid entities
Dutch hybrid entities appear in many different forms. Hybrid entities are entities which are qualified as an entity according to one jurisdiction and flow-through for another jurisdiction. In conjunction with legal experts, we assist in drafting the documentation to secure the desired treatment of an entity. As an example, the Dutch CV can be set-up to be transparent or non-transparent from a Dutch tax perspective. The Dutch CV is often used in hybrid structures. We can inform you about CV/BV structures at your request.

Dutch hybrid loans
Dutch hybrid loans or Dutch hybrid financing arrangements are financing arrangement which has the benefit of being debt and equity. When concluding a Dutch hybrid financing arrangement it can be questioned whether the instrument is equity or debt. In case a certain treatment is preferred we can help determine the specific requirements to secure the desired treatment of the Dutch hybrid loan.

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